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Regional Championships 2023

Learn more about the regional championships 2023 in Cloud Computing. These are held at all participating vocational schools in Switzerland and provide young talents with a first opportunity to show off their skills and potentially qualify themselves for the upcoming national competitions in September 2023!
Are you competing in this championship? Click here to get specific information about how you can compete.

General Information #

Just like previous competitions of Skill 39 in IT Network Systems Administration, the regional championships in Cloud Computing are held in a decentralized way. Various vocational schools all across Switzerland are running this three-hour competition and give their apprentices the chance of competing against each other. These competitions happen at various dates in March 2023 and young talents actively pursuing an apprenticeship may compete. Further information can be found on the ICT-Berufsbildung Schweiz website.

  • General Description: The general description contains the most important information about this competition and is provided several months in advance. Any information regarding the contents of the competition may still slightly change and it is meant to provide a rough overview about which skills are being tested and what training methods are available.
  • Job Description: The job description is based on the General Description and released several weeks before the actual competition. It specifically mentions the technologies and skills that competitors can expect and provides further useful information.