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Competitor Info for Regional Championships 2024

This page provides you with specific information you need for competing at this regional championship. Please note that you can only participate by joining a hosted competition from your regional vocational school. The information provided here is about certain technical details and hints regarding the competition itself.

❗ General Information #

Thank you for competing at the regional championships 2024 in Cloud Computing, which is focused on measuring your technical skills regarding modern cloud infrastructure. You will have to register on our competition platform to compete, where you get your own temporary AWS instance for completing the various tasks. This page will explain all the required steps for your onboarding and give you some additional information regarding the platform itself.

🚀 How to get started #

To join this competition, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the competition platform and either click on Login or Register in the menu bar, depending on your situation.
    • If you participated in the national championships 2023 or tried out the demo competition for this years regional championships, you should reuse your existing account. You can reset your password in case you forgot it.
    • If you are new to the platform, you need to register a new account. Please use your personal email address if available, not one from the school, so we can easily reach out to you should you qualify for SwissSkills 2025.
  2. If you registered a new account, you are asked to verify your email address. You can do so before the competition starts, however you can also do so at a later point in time. Should anything not work correctly regarding verification, just drop us an email to [email protected] after the competition and proceed - the verification is not required for starting your work, so no need to wait.
  3. Once you are logged in, head to the Participations site and click on the " Participate…" button at the top right of the page. If you did not participate at a previous competition, you are asked to fill out your birthday, company and school. Please ensure this information is correct, as it will show up on the ranking.
  4. If your profile is completed, you will be shown a field to enter your invite code. This is the code given to you by the responsible person running your skill competition, e.g. your teacher. Enter the 12-digit invite code, dashes optional, and click on Participate to continue.
  5. You will now be presented with an overview of the competition, specifying the total runtime and how often the marking script is being executed. Click on New Attempt on the top-right, then accept the presented rules, to start your first (and only) attempt.
  6. You can now read the competition description / notes and the system will prepare your instance. Once both the platform and you are ready to begin, click on Start, which will grant you access to the challenge descriptions, the associated AWS account and triggers the competition countdown.

You have now completed all the required steps to join the competition and can start working. Further down below this point is additional information on usage, although most of it should be fairly self-explanatory.

📚 Additional Information #

Tips & Tricks #

  • Always read the available descriptions carefully to avoid any misunderstandings regarding the tasks.
  • Keep an eye on your available time and plan your work accordingly.
  • Check your marking results to ensure your solutions are working as expected.
  • When encountering permission errors, you are most likely doing things wrong. The tasks have been tested by multiple independent people and can be sometimes solved in multiple ways, so if you are stuck, try to think about the problem further.
  • If you are stuck and unable to find any other approach angle, you might be able to use a hint. Note though that doing so permanently reduces the maximum amount of points you can reach for the given task, so use them only as a last resort.

Platform Views #

This section shows you various screenshots of the platform with a short description for each of them. This should help you to get a better understanding of the platform and its features.

Profile #

SCS Profile View
Before you can participate, you have to fill out your profile information. Please note that this information appears in the ranking.

New Participation #

SCS Participation Create
Enter the received invite code to start participating at the event. Typing the dashes is optional, the field does so for you.

List Participations #

SCS Participation List
You can see all previous and current event participations on this site. Click on View to access more information.

View Participation #

SCS Participation View
Here you see all attempts you’ve made for the specific event. Outside of a training or demo competition context, you usually only have one attempt available. Click on either New Attempt, if you have no active attempt, or on Jump to Latest, should you have one.

Competition View (Ready State) #

SCS Competition View (Ready)
After your instance is ready, this is the view you will see. You have time to read the competition description at your own leisure. Once ready, click on Start Competition to start. The competition timer has not yet started, so you are not losing any time.

Competition View (Active State) #

SCS Competition View (Active)
Once your attempt has been started, the timer begins and you gain access to the AWS Account, the live marking and the actual challenges / tasks.

Competition Task View #

SCS Competition Task View
When viewing an individual challenge / task, you see the actual thing you have to do, along with detailed marking information.