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Demo Competition for Regional Championships 2024

Looking for general information about the regional championships 2024? Click here!

Why a demo competition? #

This demo competition gives you the chance to see the competition platform in action. You will receive up to 5 attempts to complete 3 shorter tasks on the platform, and have 3 hours for every attempt available. The tasks are within the scope of the regional championships and are meant to give you a rough feeling for the competition. Please note that the tasks will not be identical to the ones you will face during the actual competition.

When is the demo competition? #

The demo competition is fully decentralized and you can launch your attempts whenever you want, at any time of the day. You will have to sign up yourself on our competition platform and can then use an invite code to unlock the demo competition. Once you’ve done so, you can start your attempts at any time.

What does the demo competition contain? #

The three available tasks are an excerpt on the regional championships 2023 and are related to the following services:

  • Dealing with EC2 including auto-scaling and load balancing
  • Building custom IAM policies to satisfy certain use cases
  • Creating a basic subnet structure within a VPC

Which rules apply to the demo competition? #

The demo competition is strictly meant to provide you with the ability to work on the given competition tasks. By participating in the demo competition, you agree to the following rules:

  • You must not use the competition platform for any other purposes than the demo competition.
  • You must not use the provided temporary AWS account(s) for any other purpose or intent than working on these tasks.
  • You must not willingly abuse or sabotage the competition platform or any of its components.
  • You must not cause unnecessary costs within the provided AWS accounts. This includes, but is not limited to, launching unnecessary resources, leaving resources running without need, or using resources in a way that is not intended by the competition tasks. Please note that you do not have to manually delete your resources after you’ve finished your attempt, as the platform will do this for you.

All actions on the competition platform and provided AWS accounts are centrally monitored and logged. Any violation of the rules will result in immediate disqualification from the demo competition and may result in further consequences.

Should you wish to freely experiment with AWS services, we recommend you to use the AWS Academy Learner Lab instead, which provides you with a free sandbox environment for testing various scenarios. You can find more information here.

How can I receive an invite code? #

Starting from the 5th February 2024, the usual Google Forms will be available for you to sign up both for AWS Academy and/or the demo competition. If you sign up for the demo competition, you will receive an invite code via email. If you registered before the 5th February 2024, an email has been sent out to you with further instructions. Please note that you currently need to be an apprentice at a Swiss vocational school to be eligible for these training opportunities. In case there are any uncertainties, feel free to contact us at any time.

I received an invite code, what now? #

  1. Head over to the competition platform and register yourself with a personal email address. If you participated at last years national championships, you can use the same login as you did back then. Please note that former logins from the regional championships 2023 are not valid anymore.
  2. After you’ve registered, head to Participations -> Participate…. If you have not completed your user profile yet, this is where you are required to fill in your date of birth, school and employer. Once you’ve filled out your profile, head to Participations -> Participate… again.
  3. You will now be asked to enter an invite code. Please enter the code you received via email and click on Participate.
  4. You should now be redirected to the participation overview and can start your first attempt at any time.
  5. Once you create an attempt, a fresh instance with its own AWS account will be provisioned for you. After a couple of minutes, the provisioning will complete and you can start your attempt by clicking on Start competition. Your timer will not start until you click on this button. Do NOT leave any attempt in a “Ready” state without starting it, as this will consume resources and cause unneccessary costs.
  6. You can now start working on the demo competition tasks. You have 3 hours for every attempt and can use up to 5 attempts in total.

For further clarification, here is a screenshot of the most important buttons on the competition instance / attempt page:

SCS Competition Dashboard
View of the competition dashboard with the most important controls being highlighted. This is what you see once you start your attempt.